It is often said that some cities never sleep. Almost the same goes for Kashan, except for one thing — it ALWAYS sleeps!

Take a good rest!

Kashan city is like a sophisticated woman. She is a rare beauty, pretty, traditional and exceptionally kind. When she works, she puts all her strength in it. But she also needs time to take a rest. Her beauty naps. More than anything, she loves having a cupy of tea and lazy, relaxing time in the afternoon. But while she makes a rest in the shade, hiding from the sun and heat, perhaps you’d better not wake her up! I wouldn't like to be in your shoes if you did! However, give her time until she awakens in the evening and you will see Lady Kashan in her full charm!

 Experience the local culture!

Kashani people tend to be very relaxed and easygoing. You can see many locals strolling, shop owners sitting outside and observing pedestrians, chatting while drinking tea. I was raised in the capital city of Teheran, always busy and fast. However, for me coming to Kashan has always been a chance to forget about the rush and stress. I have always felt calming down a bit as I was entering the city through a vast semi-desert landscape. Seeing the noble low brick-facade houses, widely opened streets and a vast blue sky has always given me a sense of freedom and made me fell in love with this exceptional city.

An oasis in the center of Kashan!

When you dive into the streets, explore narrow alleyways with numerous earth-color historic houses, you may share the same excitement. Take a stroll around noon, and you will sense a tempting scent of delicious local homemade dishes. Come back in the evening, and you will see people socializing in the streets after a hard day at work.

More than a decade ago, I was visiting Kashan to do assignments for my school of architecture and became interested in the architecture of these unique houses and Kashan. Then I found this beautiful little house, hidden from the public eye in one of the back alleys. It had a central courtyard below the street level which in the world of architecture we call garden pits. It is a fantastic solution for protecting the inner house from summer sun and winter cold. It was truly love at first sight!

Saraye Amir is a little refuge from the world and the high pace of life in Tehran. Our place is conveniently situated in the very center of the city and walking distance from the tourist attractions like bazaar, historic mansions, and mosques. The alley where the house is, in the past used to be a famous passage in the city called "Noh Cham" or "nine bends." Nowadays it is cut through by a major street.

Your special place in Iran!

Have a stay with us and embrace the impeccable Persian hospitality! We have a saying that “a guest is a gift from God” and it shows how we feel about our guests, cherishing them like a precious jewel and welcoming with open arms. You are welcome to stay and enjoy the traditional and domestic atmosphere in a comfortable and friendly environment. Having traveled to almost forty countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America, staying in countless hostels, guesthouses and hotels, now it is my time to host visitors in our cozy boutique hotel. Saraye Amir is not very big, but it has various types of rooms and bathrooms, arranged in two levels, street and sunken courtyard. Please join us and when there are tons of stories out there about Iranian hospitality – make this one your own!